New Systems

At Haber Brothers, Inc. we recognize the importance in choosing a new, quality septic system that is right for your home or business. Septic systems interact directly with the environment and determine the comfort of your lifestyle. We believe that a properly designed and maintained septic system is safe for the environment will call for no excessive monetary upkeep.

Title V Compliance

Massachusetts law requires that a septic system be inspected whenever there is a transfer in ownership, or when dictated by the local board of health. This is required to insure that systems are structurally sound and environmentally safe.


Haber Brothers technicians are prepared to repair any septic system problem you may encounter over the course of your system’s lifespan. From small repairs to new system installation, each Haber Brothers project is completed on-time, and with the expert knowledge of each professional contractor.


Your septic system is much like a mini-waste treatment site. Purchasing a home with an inadequate system, or living with a failing system can transpire into a costly disaster. Our highly skilled evaluation professionals can be of assistance in determining the status of your septic system and offering recommendations to keep your system working to its full potential. 

Septic Tank Installation

At Haber Brothers, we know that installing a septic tank can be a complicated process. We take care of all permits, construction, and installation needed for each new septic system installation. Our highly-trained professionals specialize in septic tank installation and deliver on-time, exceptional results.

Leach Field Installation

Each leaching field is made up of a system of patterned, perforated pipes underneath the ground. It is our goal at Haber Brothers to perfectly install your leaching field in order to construct a healthy septic system. A healthy system is a dependable system and ensures that only clear water exits the tank, protecting the environment.